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Tooth Colouring - From Silver to White

Cosmetic Dentistry at Sweet Smile

Art, it is a word with many meanings. The music of a symphony, the work of painters and sculptors all are examples of culture and artistry. We believe that dentistry is also an art form 'What is more beautiful than the lovely smile celebrated by artists, down through the ages'.

At Sweet Smile', we have created a dental practice dedicated to making your smile as beautiful as possible. All porcelain crowns, ceramic veneers, and tooth whitening can all help change your smile to one that makes you look more attractive and confident.

Tooth-colored fillings and inlays replace the gold and silver of the past with natural looking materials. In the 1970's, "white fillings" came into common use. These "tooth-colored fillings" were made of a plastic dental resin filled with microscopic filler particles and were called composites. When dental composites were first introduced, they could only be used in the front teeth, because they weren't strong enough to withstand the chewing pressure of the back teeth. The composites of today have been vastly improved over the ones developed nearly forty years ago. They are strong, durable, and attractive.