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The cause for our existence - Our valued patients

We are thankful to few of our esteem patients for sharing their opinion to enable new patients to assess the views about the clinic.

We seek your suggestions & advices to boost our services to be the most matching for today's needs. We try to put ourselves in your position for better service but we realize that it has limitations. Please share your views for our services. Look forward to serve you better and better... day by day.

Services Offered - Basic

- Root Canal

Cosmetic - Tooth Whitening
- Metal Free Crowns
- Laminates & Veneers
- Composite Filling
- Tooth Colour, Silver to White
Periodontic - Gums Treatment
Orthodontic - Teeth Alignment - Braces
Prosthetic - Teeth Replacement
- Complete Denture
- Ceramic Bridge
- Metal Free Bridge

Services Offered - Advanced
Endodontic - Root Canal in Single Seating
Cosmetic - Smile Design
Periodontic - Implant
Orthodontic - Ceramic Braces
- Lingual Braces
Pediatric - Child Treatment
Oral Surgery - Tooth Extraction, Wisdom Tooth

Mrs. Dhanashree,

Hi Doctor,

I visited Dr Amit Patankar this february with severe pain in my lower molar. I was desperate to get the pain under control and had mentally resigned to the fact that I will loose my tooth. I am only 25 and loosing my tooth even before I go married was very depressing. Dr Amit, quickly examined me and brought my pain under control with an injection. He has these gadgets that created an instant x-ray photo of my jaw. He explained the problem and assured me that he would be able to save my tooth.

Just 2 pleasant sittings later, I was completely fine.

His confident attitude, modern amenities and professional approach deserves a 5-star rating.

Mrs. Dhanashree,


Sarita Kadukar
Aroli, Navi Mumbai.

Hi Dr Amit,

“For ages, I hated going to the dentist. Each time I went, I was horrified by my past experiences when my teeth were being extracted even despite there being chances of saving. Because of that, I procrastinated for long time and did not visit any dentist at all. About the only time I did go was when I needed quick repair to a problem tooth after I got married and my husband/father-in-law insisted to go to their family dentist. Finally, I made the decision that I needed to get my life back on track. This first thing I decided to do after marriage was look into getting my teeth fixed. The minute I walked in the door and got down to what needed to be done, I was reassured that I was not going to be judged by what I had not done but what needs to be done from here on. Dr. Patankar appeared a little introvert at first but I trusted my husband and went through one sitting, in the series of three appointments Dr. Patankar made me feel like I was the most important person there. Every thing was explained on why it was needed to be done and how it was going to effect the outcome to bring my teeth in a better condition. I am totally happy with every thing that has been done. I am getting good support consultation on follow-up appointments as well even after a year has been gone since my successful treatment. I never thought that I would ever recommend a dentist to anyone but it is a place that can take care of your dental problems and now I strongly recommend Sweet Smile Clinic. It is a true example of putting the care in Dental Care.
To sum up, I have a bright smile, a better attitude and I have a place that I am not afraid to go to when I need to get dental work done. Thanks!”

I cant believe that I got through Implant procedures successfully for six of my teeth which also included cover ups for 2 molars, bridge of 4 teeth, beautification, scaling and what not without any hassle and fear.

Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional dental care, I feel compelled to send you a note to let you know how great my experience was.
Doctor, keep up the great work!

Thanks and Regards,
Sarita Kadukar
Financial Advisor
Aroli, Navi Mumbai.

Ravindra Khanolkar
Dombivli (West)

प्रिय डॉक्टर अमित यास,

प्रसन्न व्यक्तिमत्व व हाताची किमया या दोन्ही गोष्टींमुळे, आज माझ्या या वयात, आपण माझी दातांच्या उपचाराची भिती काढून टाकली आहे व मी दातांनी ठिक-ठाक आहे. कदाचित आपण अगोदर दिलेल्या डेमोंस्ट्रेशनमुळे मला दिलासा मिळाला असावा. आपल्याला पुढील वाटचालीसाठी खूप-खूप शुभेच्छा.

आपला एक पेशंट

Ashwini Pethe
Andheri, Mumbai.

Dr. Amit,

My teeth were of small size and obscure. I used to not to smile as I was bitterly conscious of my teeth. But when I took treatment of ‘Smile Design’ from Dr. Amit Patankar, it completely transformed my teeth and smile.

Now everybody praises my smile and teeth. This awesome transformation has increased my self esteem and self confidence multi-fold. Because of this pleasant experience.

Now my son Shaunak is also taking braces treatment from Dr. Amit. Thanks many times Dr. Amit for this beautiful transformation in me.

Ashwini Pethe
Andheri, Mumbai.

Parag Mulay,

Dear Sir:

First, I am thankful for the ongoing treatment.

I had a terrible experience with one of the dentist in Dombivili where the bridge he did required to be removed because of the seepage. I lost two of my teeth for this blunder by my earlier dentist.

Modern approach of Dr. Amit Patankar convinced me that I should go for Implant. This was not suggested by any of the other dentist I visited. It was also a learning experience as Doctor explained me the procedures/treatment.
He was also very frank on mentioning the success rate of the procedure and precautions Patient needs to take.

The treatment including 3 implants and root cannal was almost painless taking the fear out of me. I would specially like to add few words about punctuality about the appointments which is equally important for working people.

I would always recommend Sweet Smile Family Dental Clinic for reliable dental treatment.

Parag Mulay,

Narendra Ghate,
U. K.


I work in the UK as an onsite engineer for a software company. I used to have pain in my teeth and I was advised a root-canal treatment. However, in UK this treatment was very expensive. I decided to get this treated in India during my next visit. I needed a doctor who could finish all the treatment in the very few days of leave that I was allowed. I came across Dr Patankar's clinic when I was researching on the web and found his website comforting and professional. I called him on the phone and he gave me confidence that all arrangements would be ready to have the work done in a very short period. I set up the time and days with him. When I arrived at his clinic, he was expecting me and all requirements ready. Within a few, relatively comfortable seatings I got my root-canal treatment done and was able to fly back as planned.

Narendra Ghate,
U. K.